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Icnova Pharmaceuticals

How we & our medicine can help you:

Icnova pharmaceuticals is an upcoming company in the field of pharmaceuticals.Health is a critical concern and it is becoming more critical day by day.We are committed to provide the better health for healthy life each and everybody by delivering high quality,innovative,efficient and cost effective medicines……

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Quality is the foundation on which Icnova is growing.Supplying high quality products is the prerequisite for our business success.For this we ensure that we procure our products from reputed manufacturers.Besides adhering to WHO-CGMP standards and stringent in house controls.Regular internal quality audits are performed with a view to excel…..

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Icnova is committed to providing affordable pharmaceutical products of global quality standards to patients all over the India. We have built a product platform to develop a deep pipeline of drug products to treat a wide array of disease. We regularly roll out more efficient products to raise the bar……

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  • Sardi Loc Syrup
  • Vita Xpert Tablets
  • Sardi Care Syp
  • MF2-2204
  • MF2-2204
  • MF2-2204
  • MF2-2204
  • MF2-2204
  • icnoflox
  • MF2-2204
  • oxalgesic
  • nimagesic
  • MF2-2204
  • mix 2 16